China Vasectomy Reversal

China Vasectomy Reversal

Those men who have had a vasectomy and are now having a change of heart should contact China Vasectomy Reversal for consultation with a vasectomy reversal doctor. In such a consultation, you will learn more about your chances for vasectomy reversal success, as well as what alternative to vasectomy reversal might be best in your case should the operation not be successful. In the meantime, here is a quick overview as to what you can expect when you are a patient at China Vasectomy Reversal.


The first thing the doctors at China Vasectomy Reversal will want to know is how viable your sperm is. A normal semen analysis will tell a great deal about how healthy the sperm is and how that affects your fertility going forward. The sperm analysis should show at least 20 million sperm per milliliter, and a reasonable percentage of the sperm should be active and shaped normally.

The Procedure

Vasectomy reversals generally take about three hours. Afterward, the vasectomy reversal doctor will advise you to take specific courses of action in order to insure a proper vasectomy reversal recovery. Immediately after the procedure, you'll need to hold an ice pack against the surgery area for about four hours.

Can you fly after a vasectomy reversal? Vasectomy reversal doctors generally advise against it for at least six hours following surgery.


Patients who have undergone vasectomy reversals at China Vasectomy Reversal can usually return to their normal everyday activities within 24-48 hours, but will need to wear a special athletic cup for up to 14 days while the surgical area heals.

Sexual activity for those who have had vasectomy reversals done should be avoided for at least ten days, or until there has been an improvement in comfort level.

Vasectomy Reversals and Birth Defects

Although not conclusive, studies at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand suggest that men who have had vasectomy reversals run a higher-than-normal risk of fathering children with birth defects due to a higher rate of abnormal sperm.

What Are The Alternatives?

The doctors at China Vasectomy Reversal can recommend alternative fertility treatments that will allow a woman to get pregnant after failed vasectomy reversal. You will find out more when you visit China Vasectomy Reversal online at You can also email any questions; one the clinic's vasectomy reversal doctors will be happy to answer any queries.

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